Wedding Welcome Info Pack!



If you’re reading this then you’ve just been added to the Frankly Family! WOOHOO! Welcome!

I’m SO excited to photograph your wedding day and tell your story. As a small business owner it really means a lot that you believe in what I do, and its not a job I take lightly. It’s highly likely I did a little happy dance at my office computer and am already excitedly planning the day.

I’m pretty chill and flexible and no matter how hard we plan there will be things on the day that don’t go exactly right, but there are lots of easy things we can put in place beforehand to make sure you get the most out of your images.

You know when you go to a hotel and they have a little folder filled with information…this is kinda like that. (Except I’ll let you swim in the pool after 8pm!) It is just some little tips and bits of advice that I’ve picked up over the years. Feel free to ignore all of it.

I’m here for you! Below is a little bit of information I’ve put together that might (or might not!) help you. The most important thing for me is that YOU DO YOU- so please know this information is just a guide.

If there’s anything you’d like to discuss along the way (photography related or not) I will do my best to assist you!


Heres what to expect when working with me

1. Booked with me and paid 25% deposit - Hooray



-       any questions along the way/timeline help

-       check in about a month before

-       venue scout/run through a week or two out

-       final amount paid

-       timeline finalized and group photo list sent

-       WEDDING DAY!

-       Sneak peak within a few days after your day

-       Photos delivered to you within 4 weeks after wedding

-       Happily ever after



Close your eyes and imagine your perfect dress shot – you know the one, where your stunning wedding dress is hanging from a balcony – unworn and ready for the day ahead. Now, imagine your gorgeous wedding dress is on a dodgy plastic hanger. It just ruins the vision right?! If you do end up hiring a house or apartment for your wedding morning, you will often find plastic hangers in the wardrobes (if they have available hangers at all!) I adore photographing wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses & suits but it can be really challenging to get a beautiful image of them if all there is available is a plastic hanger. But it is such an easy fix, simply bring your own coat hangers. I recommend wooden hangers with a turning hook so I can hang in beautiful doorway, window or even from a tree branch. This super small investment can make a huge difference when it comes to images of your wedding dress (plus, they can make lovely gifts for your bridal party!)

Check out these designs options on Etsy: White Lane Designs, Sophia Victoria Joy or Bridal Bling Australia

Extra people hanging out with you in the  morning is fun, but keep a limit on the amount of people that will be around… especially if you have a large bridal party. For our gorgeous JFL brides, there is a lot to get done on the morning of a wedding day – much more than our JFL grooms that play golf or simply hang out until they have to get dressed – if too many people are in a small space, it can feel a little stressful. I would recommend limiting the number of ‘extras’ to just your bridal party and immediate family – or even invite your family over once you are dressed for some photos before the Ceremony.

*EXTRA TIP* Find out who will be with you on the morning of your wedding day and keep that in mind when you’re researching accommodation options. You want to make sure there are enough bathrooms (the more the better) and keep in mind you’ll have suppliers there with you as well, so you need enough room for them to work comfortably too (it could be 1 or 2 photographers, 1 or 2 videographers, hair stylist and makeup artist – so add them to your numbers!)


they deserve a nice place to get ready too

OMG. I can hardly count how many times the JFL guys have almost given themselves an aneurysm on the big day because they didn’t know how to tie a bowtie, fold a pocket square, pin a buttonhole or occasionally even iron a shirt (and hey, I’m totally not judging as I don’t do the ironing in my household either!) It’s only when they’re like, ‘oh hey, I’m getting married in an hour’ that they think to google “how to tie a Windsor Knot.” Make sure your fiance is all over this long before the wedding day – it will make for a more relaxed groom! p.s Of course we’ll help if we’re there and able (I seriously deserve a medal for my buttonhole attaching technique, just quietly) but if we’re having to help the groom, his groomsmen and any other family members, it means we’re not taking photos during that time and may miss a moment that is begging to be captured!

When it comes to buttonholes, ask your florist to attach a safety pin to the back, rather than just provide two normal pins. Trust me, it’s much easier to safety pin the button hole onto the lapel of a jacket, than try and use two sharp pins to secure a sometimes top heavy buttonhole… and if not secured properly, it’s going to get its lean on during the Ceremony – and there is nothing that bugs my OCD more, than a crooked buttonhole – especially when you’re trying to focus on your grooms reaction when he first sees you coming down the aisle toward him – and there is a crooked buttonhole on his jacket. Fail. No one wants that!

Lastly, make sure that all of your grooms details are gathered together, ready for your photographer as well. This includes: his suit, shoes, belt, cuff links, cologne, tie pin, tie, watch and the rings (of course, these items might differ from groom to groom, depending on his style but that’s a good overview of the details we normally photograph.) If he didn’t buy new shoes, make sure the ones he will be wearing have had a polish – and if he did buy new kicks, make sure they are laced the same! You’ll be surprised how many pairs I’ve seen that have been laced a little differently to each other or have untidy laces. Again, my OCD goes into overdrive and I have to spend time correcting the left & right shoe to match… again, it’s details like this that you will notice in the photos, trust me!


Accessories- be prepared, if you think it might rain have a rocking pair of gumboots ready to go


Embrace it and have fun

have a plan for the rain to avoid disapointment

Don’t let the weather ruin your day. Have fun and stay positive! Remember the reason you are getting married. It’s not about the dress, the flowers, the decorations, your friends or even the photography. It’s all about the two of you and your amazing future together… so rain or not, this day is going to rock!




When it comes to photography, nothing could be more important than light. The very way a photograph is created requires light to enter the lens and react with the film or sensor to create an image. Not only is light a crucial element to the physical creation of an image, it will also determine the feel and mood of every one of your photos. So, it’s worthwhile taking the time to consider the lighting for your wedding, here are just a few things to think about when planning your day.

Window Light 

Walking into a space with big windows and light streaming in is probably one of our favourite lighting scenarios. The soft outside light is often very flattering and the resulting shadows create interest. Big windows where you are getting ready is a real bonus, not only for us but your hair and makeup artists will thank you too. We love creating portraits with window light.


Try and avoid rooms where you need to have any artificial lights turned on. For example, some hotel rooms are quite dark (I always sleep so well when I stay in a hotel for that very reason) so make sure that if you’re planning to get ready in one, that you can draw the curtains back and get enough natural light into the room (some hotel rooms have that thin chiffon type curtains that are permanently attached to the windows so you can’t open them up… worth a little visit before your wedding to make sure your room doesn’t have those!) I want your photos to look the best they can and the most flattering light is natural light – so we want a room that doesn’t need any lights switched on.


Outdoor Ceremony Lighting

If you are planning an outdoor ceremony, even shade is ideal. We know this is not always possible, so if you can't have even shade, try to avoid having the sun shining directly into either of your faces, where one of you may be squinting and the other in shadow. Dappled lighting can also be tricky. If your outdoor ceremony is in a sunny location, having the sun behind you is one of the best scenarios. It’s a good idea to visit your ceremony location close to your wedding date, even the day before and stand in position at the time of your ceremony to see what the sun is doing, then you can always angle the ceremony orientation to ensure the best lighting conditions possible.


Indoor Ceremony Lighting

When it comes to an indoor ceremony, the lighting is often already in place and it may not be possible to change it. The crucial things to look out for are whether there is enough light where you will be standing and if you will be on a stage with access to stage lighting we suggest warm/yellow light as this will be most flattering for skin tones. Even if you would like to use coloured lights, it’s helpful to have some warm light hitting your faces as well. 


Bridal Portraits

The last hour before sunset and the following 15 minutes of dusk is our favourite time to make portraits. This is the time when the sun is most golden then often becomes soft and pink and the glorious blue of dusk. Googling what time the sun will set on your wedding day and potentially factoring that into the way you schedule your day is worthwhile. Of course, if the sun decides not to join us on your wedding day, clouds, rain and shadows are cool too, we may just need to start portraits earlier as it can get dark quickly. This is also true for photos in urban locations where there are tall buildings that the sun can hide behind.


Reception Lighting

For your reception try to avoid fluorescent lighting, as fluoros can cause inconsistent lighting conditions and have a tendency to make skin tones look green-ish. Plenty of candles, strings of festoon lighting or any warm lighting is perfect and creates a lovely ambience. 

This is of course only a guide and ideal lighting conditions are not always possible. We can work with whatever lighting we encounter on the day and sometimes this leads to even more creativity in how we photograph. Either way there's no need to stress.



Undoubtedly, the ceremony is the pivotal point of any wedding day, without it there is no marriage and really that is what everyone is celebrating, so how can you ensure your ceremony is captured the best way possible?


It really is worth having your celebrant ask your guests to put down their phones, iPads, cameras and be in the moment. Not only will they be fully engaged and able to enjoy your ceremony, you will be able to see the faces of your guests rather than screens and we won't have to compete with extra paparazzi, ensuring we can get the shots we need. Honestly, it is just the best when you can capture the real emotion of your guests being fully present and actively participating in the ceremony. Speaking as a guest at my brother's wedding recently, the opportunity to be completely there and in the moment was irreplaceable.


Something to consider when deciding on your ceremony location is the amount of space your photographers and videographer will have to move around. The physical space of your ceremony will determine the range of angles and types of photos possible. Having access to the centre aisle, sides and even being able to move around the alter really opens up opportunities to get interesting and intimate shots.


We’ve worked with some really amazing celebrants, and a lot of them are already clued onto this, but consider chatting to your celebrant about where they will stand during the ceremony. For the moments in your ceremony where the focus is primarily on the two of you, for example your vows, exchanging rings and the kiss, it’s a nice idea to see if your celebrant is willing to move off to one side. This means that the images of the two of you during these really pivotal moments are just that, photos of the two of you experiencing these moments together. One of the most amusing things we see when going through photos of “the kiss” is a third head belonging to the celebrant popping up between the couple. 


This is just a quick one, but having a microphone stand at your ceremony can be distracting in photos and cause an image to look cluttered. If you or your celebrant have access to a cordless microphone, we highly recommend using one.


Having 2 seconds to photograph rings going on fingers is tough enough, especiall if you’re hiding your hands from me! If you’d like to have that moment photographed, don’t forget to tilt your hands towards the camera..and go slowly.


Throwing confetti, petals, rice or whatever you would like to throw always makes for such fun photos. However, it is key to have lots of whatever you are throwing and also to make sure your guests are ready to throw. Asking your celebrant to announce this and prepare your guests just before you walk back down the aisle is a good idea.

First Look

 The ‘first look’ is when the couple see each other before their ceremony.

It’s not for everyone, but if you’re not into strict tradition then I think you’ll love this!

“Interestingly, the tradition of not seeing each other until the ceremony actually stems from times of arranged marriages, born from a fear that the groom might change his mind upon seeing his bride! Then over the years it’s become more of a superstition – people started believing that it’s bad luck to see each other before the ceremony. I’m rolling my eyes right now. Seriously. Please don’t do anything because it’s an ancient tradition or a weird superstition. Find out the details and then decide on whether it would suit you and your soon to be husband or wife.”


  • You get to spend more time with your guests, joining canapes after the ceremony rather than having to dash off for bridal portraits straight away. With everyone you love in one place, I’m a big believer that you should see them all as much as you can!

  • You get to enjoy being alone when you share the incredibly special moment of seeing each other for the first time.

  • You actually get more photos from the day! I tend to encourage my couples that have a first look to also have their bridal party photos afterwards – and then I steal just the bride & groom away again for 15-20 minutes at sunset to take some romantic sunset photos (the guests are normally entering the reception at this time anyway!) This way, you still get those beautiful, golden hour photos – but you can join canapes after the ceremony as we would have already done photos with your bridal party. Winning!

  • The bride’s makeup looks fresh and the grooms hair is perfectly held in place. It’s a great idea to get that on camera straight away before the wear of the day takes its toll – especially in summer!


  • First looks take away from the tradition of seeing each other for the first time at the ceremony in front of everyone.

  • Regarding the above, the chances of your groom losing the plot when he sees you for the first time has lessened because he’s already seen you. He will still be happy to see you, but there might not be as many tears (they may have happened earlier!)

Wet Weather

Please have a plan B for rain! Crossing your fingers will only leave you very disappointed and stressed on the big day if you don’t have a back up. If you plan your backup plan to be just a beautiful as outdoors then you won’t be disappointed.


Getting Ready


The photo and/or video coverage of your day begins in the preparation time, so it's worth considering the overall aesthetic or importance of the space where you will be getting ready and how to make this time as smooth and relaxed as possible.

Stress-free wedding prep & engaging imagery. 

Airbnb or Stayz accommodation is a great place to start when looking for an interesting space to get ready in. Finding somewhere with a bit of character or interesting design and architecture that suits your personalities or compliments the overall theme for your wedding is a real win and adds a lot to your photos. Interesting spaces open up creative opportunities for photos and can help tell your story more than a standard hotel room. It can also be really special to get ready in the home you grew up in or anywhere that holds sentimental value as this also adds another level to your photos and the story of your day.

Something we ask our couples to consider doing the day before or the morning of is to place any important items, that they would especially love photographed all in the one spot. This might include invitations, dress/suit, accessories, flowers etc. This ensures that any important details are documented.

On this note, if you love the idea of having a photo of your dress/outfit hanging somewhere, consider having a coat hanger where the hook can spin, this opens up a lot more possibilities for where your dress/suit/wedding attire can be hung.

It is also worth considering the distance between where you and your love will be getting ready. We know that not every couple wants to get ready in the same house, but choosing locations that are nearby can be a huge benefit when wanting to capture both of you during the preparation time. The less travel time for us, means we can maximise our coverage time. However, having two photographers does help reduce the time pressure around this.

Allowing enough time for yourself to get ready and not needing to rush is invaluable. We love when there is just a little bit of time to breathe before making such important promises, to take a moment and maybe a few photos rather than needing to race to the ceremony. This is the perfect time to take some portraits of you and your bridesmaids/groomsmen and parents and any other important people while everyone is looking fresh.

One final thought is simply to be organised where you can and try to keep your space tidy and free of clutter, but on the day if you forget something or some small detail just doesn’t happen, it really doesn’t matter. Keeping perspective and focusing on being in the moment and trying not to stress is going to be far more beneficial than a checklist and rigid time schedule adhered to minute by minute.


Bridal Portraits


One of the most common things we hear from couples is that they feel awkward and uncomfortable in front of the camera. We always take these concerns on board, but to be honest it excites us to think that hopefully we will be able to change their perception of being photographed and facilitate a really positive experience. 

To help ensure this, we’ve pulled together some thoughts on what we have found can really help make the portrait time the most enjoyable experience. As a guide, one hour to an hour and a half is a really good amount of time to schedule for your portrait session, but we can work with less time if necessary.



We have found that having time to relax and really feel comfortable is one of the greatest advantages when it comes to your portrait session. This often comes down to choosing a good location with plenty of options and not needing to do lots of running around. It's worth considering what kind of environment you would like for your portrait time and then chatting to your photographer about finding somewhere with a few different angles or backgrounds and different spaces within walking distance to each other. It’s always fun to choose somewhere that is a little unique too and not a typical go-to wedding photo spot, as we find this a great way to boost creativity.


This really comes back to choosing a good location and only needing to go to one or two places. It makes sense to choose somewhere nearby your ceremony or reception venues or in between, so that you’re not spending your wedding day stuck in a car. It's always a bonus if your ceremony and reception are in the same place and the venue has plenty of photo opportunities on site. The less distance to travel the more time to relax during your portrait session and the quicker you will be back partying with your guests. 


It’s quite possible that by the time you get to your portrait session, the last meal you ate was breakfast, so chances are you may be a little hungry and thirsty. It is such a great idea to have an esky packed for you and your bridal party to have a little picnic, pop some champagne and relax when you get to your portrait location. This can really set the tone for your photos and help ease into things, you also get a moment to take in that you just got married and celebrate with your closest.


Something we really value in a portrait session is that it is often the first time a couple has a moment together to take in all that has happened and not be swamped by people wanting to congratulate, hug or take a photo. Time with just you and your love is so precious and important. Factoring just 10-15 minutes to breathe and have some time together, will really help you relax and help us create portraits that truly reflect you as a couple.

Simple Portrait

We can get as creative and abstract as you like with photography, but there is one image we like to walk away with from every wedding. A simple and beautiful portrait, looking straight down the lens. It’s one that you may frame and definitely one that your parents or grandparents will love. It’s a simple and honest record of you on your wedding day.

Blue Steel

If there was just one thing we could express to our couples, it’s that we want to create images that reflect who they are. There’s no pressure to be a model or perform for the camera, all we need is for you to be you and we will capture the two incredible people we see through our lens. Our heart is always for creativity and connection, honest moments, the imperfectly beautiful, images that capture who you are and how you felt on your wedding day.




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